What People Are Saying

It was the busiest garage sale I have ever had!

I had a great yard sale.  My street was constantly filled with cars. People came from Boca, Melbourne, Claremont, and on and on.  I think you’ve made a great reputation for a successful “Avalon Yard Sale” community.

We did quite well. We made about $390!

I want to extend a huge thank you, to you and your residents in Avalon Park for your generous donations. We collected 7,500 pounds of donations after your community garage sale. Those donations will be sold in our local retail stores. The proceeds will then we used to fund vocational training for people in our community with barriers to employment. Based on the average value of a pound of donated goods, we have learned that it takes about 24 pounds of donations to provide services to one individual. Therefore, the remnants of your community garage sale will provide services for approximately 312 people in our local area. That is an awesome impact on our community and we are grateful for your donation.

Thank you again, Chris, for making this possible.  We look forward to this every Spring and Fall.

We had a very successful garage sale! There were constant people visiting from 8:30 through 12. We had sold most everything by then! We cleaned up, packed up and took the few remaining useable items down to the Goodwill truck! It was planned very well and was easy to follow your instructions! Thanks so much, Chris, for organizing the neighborhood garage sale. I’m looking forward to being a “customer” at the next sale!

On behalf of the Respect Life ministry of St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church (in Avalon Park), we would like to thank you for organizing this event twice a year.  It greatly benefits the young women in our city who find themselves “in trouble” and feel hopeless that they won’t be able to provide for their as-yet unborn child.  This community yard sale gives us a chance to buy thousands of dollars worth of baby items at about 4 cents on the dollar (as well as present others with the opportunity to donate additional items to the cause, especially bags and bags of baby and maternity clothes).